Spanish courses abroad
Spanish courses abroad
Spanish courses abroad
Spanish courses abroad

Spanish courses abroad

With Yalea Languages you can take Spanish courses in the following countries:

Language courses abroad in Spain


Original – Country of sailors, great explorers and intense dances

A rope bridge leads through green tree tops of a lush forest

Costa Rica

Variado – Volcanoes, jungles, Caribbean beaches and incredible biodiversity

Landscape with steep rocks and valleys with fields


Darwinista – Follow in the footsteps of the famous evolutionary biologist

Language courses abroad in Chile


Extremo – Deserts, forests, vineyards, lakes, volcanoes, glaciers and otherworldly islands

Language courses abroad in Argentina


Ardiente – Home of the tango, whether danced, sung or played on the guitar

Language courses abroad in Cuba


Folclórico – Colonial architecture, incredible musical heritage and a unique political history

Language courses abroad in Colombia


Agradable – Get seduced by the wonderful climate and the friendly nature of the locals

Mayan ruins


Antiguo – Temple ruins reveal remains of ancient cultures

Language courses abroad in Bolivia


Altiplánico – Awe-inspiring natural wonders and unique indigenous culture

Language courses abroad in Peru


Histórico – Follow in the footsteps of the Incas by exploring the Sacred Valley

Boats float on a bay of crystal blue water with white low buildings built on the shores in the background.

Canary Islands

Dramático - rugged landscapes, golden and black sand beaches and a long colonial history

Language courses abroad in Uruguay


Intacto – Vast sandy beaches, thermal springs and incredible flora and fauna

View of bay with turquoise sea and overgrown hills


Idílico – Caribbean beaches, incredible rainforests, huge biodiversity and indigenous cultures

Yalea Languages - Language courses abroad
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