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Take a Japanese language course in Japan, the country of temples, sushi, geishas, rice farms and technological development. 

Japan has a unique culture with traditions that have been observed for centuries. Nowadays, the country is also known for its cutting edge developments in business and technology. These modern and traditional sides to the country coexist simultaneously, making Japanese culture a fascinating mix of the old and the new. Here you can find fast-paced skyscraper lined cities and traditional villages. Allow yourself to be swept up in this unique culture by admiring a Kyoto geisha dance, shopping for the latest pop-culture trend or taking a quiet moment of reflection in a Buddhist temple.

The country’s landscapes are as varied as its culture, with forested mountains, hot springs, coral reefs and plenty of cherry blossoms. Japan is also famous for its cuisine, particularly sushi and noodles, which can be sampled in both high end restaurants and on the streets.  


Surface area377,835 km2
Capital Tokyo

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 Language courses abroad in  Kanazawa


見事に – Historical city with beautiful gardens

 Language courses abroad in  Kobe


鮮やか - Cosmopolitan city nestled between the coast and the mountains

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