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Take an Italian course in Italy: the country where history, culture, tradition and good food meet.

The home of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy has an incredibly rich culture and a fascinating history. It is also a country of stunning natural beauty, from the Alps and glacial lakes in the north to volcanoes and turquoise sea in the south. A gastronomic Mecca, the country is the home of some of the world's finest restaurants. Here you can taste some of the best pizzas, pasta, wine, truffles, and much more. In addition, the Italians are known for their hospitality and their dedication to living well. These four factors ensure that you will have an enjoyable stay.

Accents vary within the country, especially between the North and the South but language learners should not have a problem communicating and understanding when travelling between regions.


Surface area301,338 km2

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 Language courses abroad in  Florence


Accogliente – Welcoming Tuscan city of cultural treasures

 Language courses abroad in  Milan


Stilo – Fashion capital rich in history and culture

 Language courses abroad in  Rome


Storico – Historical metropolis and home of la Doce Vita

 Language courses abroad in  Salerno


Pittoresco – Culture, tranquility and modern elegance on the Amalfi coast

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