Study abroad in Heidelberg

Take a German course in Heidelberg, Germany’s top tourist destination and the fifth largest city in the Baden-Württemberg region. 

The subject of many romantic works of literature, Heidelberg is known for its beautiful riverside setting and inspiring semi-ruined hilltop castle. The city is also Germany’s most famous University town, drawing more than 28,000 students (18.5% of whom are not from Germany) to a University that is over eight centuries old. The students bring a young, multicultural atmosphere to the city.

In this city full of history, visitors can also enjoy admiring the Gothic architecture, wandering around the picturesque Old Town and visiting the various museums and exhibitions.


LocationWest Germany, just South of Frankfurt
ClimateMild / maritime

Language schools in Heidelberg

Students smiling in classroom

F+U is one of the largest language school groups in Germany and Europe, with over 10,000 students from 100 different countries attending one of the three German schools each year to take a language course. F+U offers a high standard of education at their three locations in Heidelberg, Berlin and Darmstadt. There are many courses on offer, from general German, private lessons and conversation class

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