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Study German in Darmstadt, the German city famous for both science and culture. 

Darmstadt is the home to many businesses, two technical colleges and numerous research institutions and scientific organizations. In 2010, the city was named one of the ten most innovative regions in Europe and is nicknamed Europe's Silicon Valley for its importance to science, technology and engineering. 

The city is also known for being the centre of the Art Nouveau movement and features many beautiful pieces of Jugendstil design, including the the nineteenth-century Mathildenhöhe building where many of these artists lived and worked. Other works of this period that can be found in the city include the Rosenhöhe gardens, Russian Chapel and many private villas.

Nowadays, Darmstadt is a multicultural city with inhabitants from over 140 different countries, making it a fantastic destination for making friends from all over the world. 


LocationCentral Germany, close to Frankfurt
ClimateMild / maritime

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