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During your German course in Germany you will get to know a country that combines diverse landscapes with a rich cultural heritage. In the South you can visit the Alps and Bavarian Castles, while in the North you can relax in the sand dunes by the Baltic seas. The capital, Berlin, has an international reputation for its vibrant arts scene, cosmopolitan atmosphere and lively nightlife. 

Although Germany is not a huge country, more than 80 million people live here, including many people who originally moved here from countries all over the world. As a result, you can find an interesting blend of tradition, multiculturalism and innovation. The country also has much to offer culture lovers as it is famous for its art, music and architecture. In addition, you can enjoy a diverse range of activities, including hiking, skiing, canoeing, kayaking and sailing.

Accents vary from region to region and, although most people also speak Hochdeutsch (standard German), there are a number of regional dialects, such as Bavarian, widely used. 


Surface area35,734 km2

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 Language courses abroad in  Berlin


Angesagt - Street art, electronic music and multiculturalism

 Language courses abroad in  Darmstadt


Innovativ – City of technology, science and Art Nouveau

 City skyline over the river at night


Weltoffen – Financial and cultural centre with a traditional side

 Buildings next to the water at night


Maritim – International harbor and haven for live music and partying

 Language courses abroad in  Heidelberg


Idyllisch – Picturesque Gothic University town popular with visitors from around the world

 Rooftop view of Munich


Traditionsreich – Capital of Bavaria famous for Oktoberfest, its traditional beer festival

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