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Île de Ré
Île de Ré

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Study French in Île de Ré, a classic French experience and a well-kept secret of the holidaying French population.

Île de Ré is a small island off the west coast of France, and a relatively unknown beachside destination, far from the popular beaches of southern France. However, the island will not fail to please, with charming small towns joined by over a 100 kilometers of cycling paths which wind through the countryside. With plentiful seafood, wine, and unspoiled beaches, all just three hours from Paris by train, there is no wonder why the French choose Île de Ré as their holiday destination. Here you can be immersed in the best France has to offer of both small town life and the seaside.

Île de Ré was formerly an archipelago of three islands, but the subsequent construction of salt ponds (which the island is now famous for) gradually filled in the space, forming the island it is today. It has fallen under British and French control throughout history, resulting in the capital, Saint-Martin-de-Ré being fortified in the 1600s. The fort and citadel have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you can relax by the water in one of the many cafes and soak up the sun as you practice your new language skills with the holidaying French, or if you prefer, take your time to browse Saint-Martin’s Le Marché Couvert (the covered market) where fresh seafood, fruit, and vegetables are on offer.

The island is relatively small, measuring just five kilometers across at its widest and 30 kilometers long, but there is much to explore, all of which can be reached by bicycle. Start at the furthermost point from the mainland: the Phare de Baleines lighthouse, built in 1682 and head to the western beaches of Gollandières and Petit Sargent, or visit the vineyards which are dotted across the island. Learning French will never be a chore on Île de Ré, in such an idyllic destination surrounded by French locals, you will feel at ease to practice as you spend your days relaxing.

Language schools in Île de Ré

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Forming part of one of the world’s largest language learning networks, Inlingua’s Île de Ré school combines the best of quality teaching methods in an idyllic location. Inlingua formed in 1968, developing a unique method for ensuring language learning success. This method focuses on the spoken language and developing communication skills. Inlingua’s methodology applies to all of their schools, eve

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