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Learn English in Torquay, a favorite coastal destination in England. Torquay is located in the English Riviera (Torbay), in the south-west of England, part of county Devon and has a surprisingly Mediterranean climate. Its Victorian atmosphere and beautiful secluded beaches attract many visitors each year. Within Torbay, the three villages of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, the beaches, and their palm-tree lined promenades are all easily accessible thanks to well-working transport infrastructure, so you can enjoy the relaxed summer atmosphere and water sports in this part of the English Riviera.


The city of Torquay is well known as a typical British holiday destination for its beaches and hidden caves, perfect for practicing sports or just relaxing in the sunshine. Some of the locals’ preferred beaches are Meadfoot, Oddicombe and Antey’s Cove, some of which are more remote than others, where you can take a peaceful seaside walk or enjoy drinking a coffee at your own pace. Take a walk by the seaside, where you can witness beautiful sunsets over the bay, or, for a better view, from the Torquay English Riviera Wheel. When night falls, for theater lovers, the seaside Princess Theatre has many shows on offer, or for another authentic English experience, you can visit one of the many bars and traditional pubs nearby. If you are interested in marine wildlife, head to the Living Coasts zoo, where you will see otters and penguins, among other interesting marine wildlife.


Torquay is also home to many important historical sites. Towards the east of the town, you can easily take a visit to the famous prehistoric Kents Caverns, which are well known for their geological value. Towards the south coast, there are many museums and golf courses including the historic Torre Abbey, a medieval monastery which is today open to the public as a museum and art gallery.


The city of Torquay is also known by locals and tourists for its fresh fish and seafood. Enjoy these local delicacies in the coastal restaurants from where you can spot the boats passing by or maybe witness one of the many boating events which are held here annually.


Torquay is an excellent destination if you would like to learn a language in a peaceful and traditional environment, where you can advance at your own pace whilst enjoying the fresh maritime air and sunny days. The area is known for having standard spoken English, and as such, you will be able to communicate with ease with locals and other English speakers around the world. 

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Torquay International School is a language school in the South of England with over 40 years of experience in the teaching of English to students from all over the world.

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