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Eurocentres have over 60 years of experience and a strong international reputation. Their Japanese school is located in Kanazawa, a beautiful city that is off the main tourist track. In addition to their Japanese language classes, Eurocentres gives you the opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture through excursions and activities, such as visiting teahouses, sushi restaurants and ikebana classes. 

Eurocentres Kanazawa provides a high standard of teaching and gives personal attention to their students. Classes are adapted to the needs of the students, who are also offered free personalized tutorial sessions every other week. All the school's teachers have a university degree and many years of experience teaching Japanese as a foreign language.

Eurocentres Kanazawa is located very close to the city centre, so the city's historic buildings, parks, museums, concert halls, shops and the train station are only a short walk away. The school is housed in the International Exchange Centre building, where you can also find the city's public library.

The school's staff organizes a varied activity program including museum trips, tours of the geisha areas, kimono dressing sessions, cooking lessons, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, origami workshops and martial arts classes. Some of these activities are free and others are offered at a reduced price. They can also assist you to plan your own activities for your free time, such as weekend excursions to Kaga, Mt. Hakusan or Noto on the coast. 

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Student lounge




Eurocentres, 1-5-3 Hon-machi, 920 - 0853 Kanazawa, Japan

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