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The Frilingue language camp at Leysin is located in western Switzerland, close to the French border and the beautiful Lake Geneva. Leysin is famously known for its pure, clean air, and it is said that the inhabitants of the town live longer because of it. The fresh air and plentiful summer sun led to Leysin becoming a popular town for health spas during the 19th century. With the advance of modern medicine however, travel for such health reasons diminished, and Leysin town was left with the large spa resorts, now transformed into schools and hotels. Today, Leysin is home to three international schools, and has an international population, with French, English and German being the primary languages of the inhabitants.

The international atmosphere of Leysin makes it the perfect destination for an immersive German language course. This, paired with the beautiful natural landscapes is a truly unique language camp opportunity for young language learners. German Camps take place during summer, whilst French and English camps take place during summer, autumn and spring. The camp is structured with small group language classes in the morning and fun and engaging activities in the afternoons and weekends. Classes have a focus on practical communication skills and individual learning goals using modern teaching methods including games, role play and audio visual tools.

Outside of the classroom, the students have a program of activities which will keep them entertained and learning. This program includes afternoon sporting and art activities and excursions to nearby towns such as Lausanne and Montreux. Other evening activities including a student disco, camp fires in the forest and a cinema night.

Frilingue has been offering language courses in Switzerland since 2007. Each year they run camps in summer and winter for young students to learn German. Young students from all over the world are grouped together in small classes. Through a combination of teaching techniques, the native speaking teachers aim to improve students' language skills and knowledge.

The teachers at Frilingue are carefully selected by the school. Teachers are not only well educated and experienced, but have experience in teaching young students. This is essential to ensure that the young learners can enjoy a learning environment which balances fun and learning. 

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Frilingue Juniors DE, Central Residence, Route du Belvédère, 1854 Leysin, Switzerland

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