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English in everyday life

English learning & au pair in Australia or New Zealand

English learning the easy way: As an au-pair you live with a hostfamily and take care of the children and the house. It gives you the chance to get a deep insight into the culture and the way of living of your host country.

Throughout the close contact with the inhabitants you will be able to practice your language skills everyday and your English is going to improve quickly. Besides the caretaking, you will attend English lessons at one of our language schools. Don't worry, your work and study schedule is fixed and you will have enough time to discover your surroundings! Learning English as an Au-pair means fun during work, during studying and during your free time. Au-pair programs are available in Australia on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, and in New Zealand in Auckland and in Wellington. Learn English while becoming part of a family and enjoying the life of the locals!


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